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Connecticut Video Poker

Playing online video poker can be an exciting and rewarding experience. With real money games available, you can test your luck and skill from the comfort of your own home.

Online video poker allows for a more convenient and comfortable gaming experience than its real-world counterpart, as players are able to adjust game options without having to leave their chair. Because of this convenience, most major online casinos now offer an impressive range of real money video poker games for players to choose from.

If you're looking for an entertaining way to spend your time, playing online video poker may be the perfect solution.

Yes, playing video poker online is legal by state law in Connecticut. Following the passing of HB6541 in October, 2021, players can now join and legally place bets at online casinos.

Gamers must be at least 21 years old to play casino games or place a sports wager. This means that Connecticut residents who wish to use a licensed internet casino will have to provide proof of age. Players must also be physically present within the state borders of Connecticut before they are allowed to participate in real money video poker games.

Can You Make Money Playing Video Poker?

Yes, you can make money playing video poker in Connecticut Casinos, but only if you play the game with real money. If you play free video poker games, you will not be able to win cash. If you play with real money, engage in high payout percentage games, and win more than you pay into the poker machine, you will make money in the long run.

While the house has a significant edge in games like blackjack and craps, and even the most incredible slot machines payout rates below 90%, players can obtain an edge in video poker. Payout percentages in video poker games are consistently in the upper 90s, even for the games with the worst odds.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Play Video Poker in Connecticut?

To participate in legal Casino games, whether online or offline in Connecticut, players must be at least 21 years old. Connecticut's gambling minimum ages vary. To play casino games, you must be at least 21. Both of the state's casinos demand 21-and-over entry.

Note: Lottery tickets, keno, and Daily Fantasy Sports events require adults above 18.

Do All Casinos In Connecticut Offer Video Poker?

The two traditional casinos in Connecticut offer video poker for patrons who prefer to play in person. They are both viable choices, and they each have many video poker devices to cater to their patrons' needs.

Mohegan Sun

The Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut offers an appealing choice for anyone in Connecticut interested in playing video poker due to the wide variety of games available on their numerous machines. Super Star Poker, 3/5/10 Play Poker, and Ultimate X Poker are some of the most played electronic poker machines in Mohegan Sun. These games are variants of video poker, each with its unique features.

Although it collaborated with FanDuel, the Mohegan Sun's online Connecticut casino operates under its name. As a result, players can choose from a wide variety of games, including poker. You may access Mohegan Sun online casino from your mobile device since there is a downloadable app for iOS and Android.

DraftKings/Foxwoods Resort

DraftKings is the second online poker gambling option for residents of Connecticut. Similar to how FanDuel worked with the Mohegan tribe for online casino games, DraftKings teamed up with the Mashantucket Pequot for the same purpose. In conjunction with the massive Foxwoods Resort Casino, they provide a remote Connecticut casino and online sports betting.

Foxwoods offers 16 different games on 63 other slot machines. Super Star Poker, All-Star Poker II, and Ultimate X Poker are the three video poker games players at Foxwoods can access. The most popular slot machines at Mohegan Sun can be compared to some of them, while others are distinct. There are also over a hundred variations of blackjack and dozens of other table games on offer, in addition to nearly 400 slot machines.

What Video Poker games Can I Play at Connecticut Online Casinos?

Numerous video poker games can be played at Connecticut online casinos. Some of the popular video poker games offered include All American 100 Hand, Aces and Faces Power Poker, Five Play Draw Poker Multi Hand, and Deuces Wild.

Other popular games include Regal Poker Deluxe, Tens or Better, Double Double Bonus Poker, Triple Play Draw Poker Multi Hand, and Regal Jester Poker.

Online casinos may also offer variants such as Bonus Poker, Double Bonus Poker, Jacks or Better Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Game King Bonus Poker, All American Double Up, Double Regal Poker, Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker, and Deuces Wild Elite.

Can I Play Online Video Poker For Real Money In Connecticut?

Yes, you can play online video poker for real cash in Connecticut. To get started with playing online video poker for real money, players must sign up with a legitimate and recognized online casino in the state.

In signing up to get started, just a few bits of personal data are required, including name, address, email, and SSN (social security number). A deposit can then be made using any of the available methods after an account has been created.

The typical payment methods in a Connecticut online casino include Visa, MasterCard, prepaid vouchers, and debit cards.

E-Wallets like Paysafecard and American Express, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney, EcoCard, Ecopayz, PayNearMe, MyCitadel, Pay By Phone, and other electronic wallets are also accepted. Wire transfers, eChecks, InstaDebit, iDeal, and Bitcoin are other acceptable payment methods.

The state of Connecticut does not impose any limits on the total amount a player can deposit into his account at any given casino, even though some of them have minimums as low as $5 or as high as $50. If a player is concerned about losing too much money or gaming irresponsibly, measures are put in place to help.

When you make a bet, the action begins. You are dealt five cards with the pictures facing up. You can choose at your discretion how many cards to keep and how many to throw away. To save a card, click on it; to discard it, click the draw button. If you score a hit, you'll receive money according to the payout schedule of the poker game you're playing.

What Video Poker Game Pays The Most?

Deuces Wild is the game of choice for video poker players with intermediate skill levels. Although the introduction of wild cards increases the game's difficulty, they also simplify the process of forming winning hands. But there's a catch: if the lowest-paying hand is three of a kind, then even a pair is worthless, and you'll get nothing if you hold them.

The maximum return to player (RTP) for this game is higher than any other video poker game on the market. But to get the full benefit, you'll need to track down the premium version.

Assuming optimal play, the RTP of "full pay" Deuces Wild is well over 100%, with the top payout for a straight flush paying 5/1. However, it is vital to remember that Deuces Wild is one of the most volatile forms of the game, so even if you're on a fantastic winning streak, the losses can be devastating.

There are many similarities between Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better, but the pay tables are where the two games diverge significantly. In Deuces Wild, the player has to cope with more than just two hands with various payouts. Because software developers and casinos frequently change the payouts for many hands, picking a pay table might be a bit more challenging.

If you want to maximize your winnings from video poker, the full-pay version of Deuces Wild is the way to go. Even though it has become more challenging to locate such machines, especially in physical casinos, it is still possible to do so, provided one makes the necessary effort.

Does Video Poker Pay Better Than Slots?

Yes, video poker pays better than slots. The most well-liked gambling machines are slot machines and video poker machines. Even if poker has a better return, the slots provide several advantages. The progressive jackpots in these games are far higher than in poker.

Those who play slots regularly know that the progressive jackpots can be worth millions, but just a handful of machines can give that much money. However, the primary idea is that the jackpot from a slot machine might result in a substantial windfall.

Below are some of the biggest-paying video poker variations:

  • Full-pay Deuces Wild (100.76%)
  • Full-pay Joker Poker (100.64%)
  • 10 / 7 Double Bonus (100.17%)
  • 10 / 6 Double Double Bonus (100.07%)
  • 9 / 6 Jacks or Better (99.54%)
  • 8 / 5 Bonus Poker (99.17%)

The largest progressive video poker jackpot ever won is $670,000. In 2011, poker guru Huck Seed won this prize after betting $500 per hand.

A win of this size is impressive, yet it pales compared to the largest progressive jackpots. Here are ten of the most prominent slots jackpots ever won, both online and at brick-and-mortar casinos, to further emphasize the tremendous prizes offered by slots jackpots.

$39.7 Million (Excalibur Casino, Las Vegas)

A Los Angeles gambler won a record-breaking slot jackpot in Las Vegas. In 2003, they bet $100 on Megabucks, intending to win big. The $39.7 million jackpot was the game's highest ever.

$35 Million (Desert Inn, Las Vegas)

Cynthia Jay Brennan comes second. In 2000, she won $35 million. Again, the Megabucks slot machine paid out a record amount of money. Brennan won this prize at Wynn Las Vegas's Desert Inn. She was paralyzed months later in a horrific accident.

$27.6 Million (Palace Station Casino, Las Vegas)

A lucky retiree won third place for largest slot jackpots in 1998 at Palace Station Casino. Her $100 budget quickly tripled, but it was well-spent. Megabucks has been the source of several record-breaking jackpots wins, so it's no surprise she won $27.6 million there.

€17.8 Million (PAF.com, Online)

A Finnish player won gold playing NetEnt's Mega Fortune progressive game in 2013. The lucky Finn merely bet 25 cents and won big. PAF.com's €17.8 million rewards, estimated to be $23.6 million in 2013, were won.

$22.6 Million (Bally’s, Las Vegas)

Johanna Heundl, in her 70s, won Bally's Megabucks jackpot before breakfast in May 2002. Before winning, she'd spent $170.

$21.3 Million (Caesars Palace, Las Vegas)

A business consultant bet merely $10 at Caesars Palace's Megabucks slot machine in 1999. The unidentified 49-year-old from Illinois won $21.3 million.

$21.1 Million (Cannery Casino & Hotel, Las Vegas)

This list's luckiest winner. Elmer Sherwin won $4.6 million at the Mirage Hotel & Casino in 1989 and $21.1 million at the Cannery Casino & Hotel in 2005.

£13.2 Million (Online)

A British soldier won this online prize in 2013. At the time, £13.2 million was $20.8 million. Mega Moolah at Betway paid out. Crewe's Jon Hayward invested 25 cents in winning the considerable cash.

$17.3 Million (M Resort, Henderson)

A Las Vegas woman won the ninth-largest slot jackpot with $17.3 million. She won a significant sum after utilizing bonus rewards to play the Megabucks slot at the M Resort in Henderson.

$14.3 Million (Rampart Casino, Las Vegas)

The above-named Las Vegas casino hosted the 10th-largest slot machine jackpot win in December 2013. They won $14.3 million with a $20 Megabucks bet. The winner hid their identity and donated most of their riches to charity.

What Is Full-Pay Video Poker?

"Full-pay" has come to mean the best paying video poker game with new games and pay table varieties. It describes high-return games.

"Short-pay" or "low-pay" games pay less as there are now dozens of video poker games available at brick-and-mortar and virtual casinos, each with its unique rules and pay schedule. Some familiar "full-pay" video poker games are listed below.

Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is widely considered the best "full-pay" video poker variant. In this game, every pair of twos is treated as a wild card (Wild cards can be substituted for any other card in the deck to improve your poker hand). Deuces Wild, when played with the optimal approach, has a theoretical return to player of up to 100.8%.

Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is one of the most popular video poker games. Full pay "Jacks or Better" is sometimes known as 9/6 Jacks or Better due to the payouts for a full house and flush.

Bonus Poker

This video poker variant is quite similar to Jacks or Better, but a little bit different. However, the payout percentage for four-of-a-kind is better. There is a full-pay version of "bonus poker" that pays out 99.2 percent of your bet. Different supplementary rewards are available in the game depending on the value of the four of a kind.

Double Bonus

"Double Bonus" video poker has a four-aces bonus reward. When played perfectly, this variation can return 100.2%. This percentage only applies to "10/7" video poker (payouts for a full house and flush). 10/6 and 9/6 video poker have lower payouts than 10/7.

Double Double Bonus

"Double Double Bonus" video poker rewards specific fours of a kind. It's a Jacks-or-Better variant. If you play perfectly, you can find pay schedules that yield up to 100.1% in the full-pay double bonus.

Tens or Better

"Tens or Better" is a version of the traditional game "6/5 Jacks or Better." As a player, if you possess two tens rather than two Jacks, you'll get rewarded. Despite the different prizes for full house and flush, the games are comparable.

Joker's Wild

"Joker's Wild" means including a joker. The wild joker helps build superior hands. Wild joker makes 5-of-a-kind a winning hand. Joker Two Pair or Better full-pay (6-7-8) is one of the most profitable video poker games. Only a few master the game's challenging strategy.

How Do I Know If My Video Poker Machine Is Full Pay?

The first stage of knowing if your video poker machine is full-pay is understanding pay table variations and how they influence the return on investment in a game. Then, you will need to find out how much money each video poker machine can potentially pay out. An illustration of the distinction between a full-pay and a short-pay machine is provided below.

9/6 Jacks or Better Pay Table.

Hand 1 coin 2 coins 3 coins 4 coins 5 coins
Royal flush 250 500 750 1000 4000
Straight flush 50 100 300 400 500
4 of a kind 25 50 75 100 125
Full house 9 18 27 36 45
Flush 6 12 18 24 30
Straight 4 8 12 16 20
3 of a kind 3 6 9 12 15
2 pairs 2 4 6 8 10
Jacks or better 1 2 3 4 5

8/6 Jacks or Better Pay Table.

Hand 1 coin 2 coins 3 coins 4 coins 5 coins
Royal flush 250 500 750 1000 4000
Straight flush 50 100 300 400 500
4-of-a-kind 25 50 75 100 125
Full house 8 18 27 36 45
Flush 6 12 18 24 30
Straight 4 8 12 16 20
3 of a kind 3 6 9 12 15
2 pairs 2 4 6 8 10
Jacks or better 1 2 3 4 5

From the table above, it is clear that the "full-pay" version of Jacks or Better is played at the 9/6 table. The payout percentage for this game is 99.54 percent, with a full house paying nine coins and a flush paying 6. The payout percentage for 8/6 Jacks or Better is 98.39%, with a full house paying eight coins and a flush paying six coins. While the difference of one coin may seem insignificant, choosing the best table can increase your earnings by 1.15 percent.

There's also looking at the machine's payout percentage to see if it's full pay. If you're at a land-based casino and are unsure if a particular video poker machine pays out in full, you can use your smartphone to look up the machine's denomination online and see if it matches the one you're playing at.

Can You Consistently Win At Video Poker?

Winning consistently at video poker requires some skill, strategy, knowledge, and a little luck, regardless of whether you're playing Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, or another game. Although video poker is modeled after traditional poker, you can use some basic strategies to obtain an edge.

Your skills can help you play the cards and produce a winning hand. The adage that "the house always has an advantage" rings true in the gaming world. While this may be true in most cases, there is an obvious exception: video poker.

One distinct advantage of video poker is that it is played against a machine rather than human opponents. You have nearly five times the chance of winning big at video poker (called the Royal Flush) than at most other games. Below are some basic strategic playing skills you may need as a player to beat the video poker machines.

Learn The Rules

Video poker is a family of games that shares a common mechanical foundation with the classic poker game of five-card draw. In video poker, a standard deck of 52 playing cards is used. After making a wager and clicking "Deal," you will be given five cards randomly. To maximize the effectiveness of your hand, you must first select which cards to keep and which to toss. Save them by tapping the photos of the cards you want to keep.

In this fun game, you win if you make a poker hand that beats the dealer's, such as a flush, straight, two pairs, or even a royal flush. The worth of your poker hand and the machine's paytable will determine your average hand win.

Choose The Right Pay Table

When playing video poker, you can view your predicted return rate in advance, which is a huge advantage. Video poker is preferable to other games since the paytable displays your expected return on investment. Find the best paytable if you want to defeat a video poker machine. There are several Jacks or Better pay tables.

Play The Maximum

Always use the most coins. Royal flush payouts on Jacks or Better machines are enormous (the jackpot). For a royal flush to pay, bet max coins. The royal flush bonus is only available when spending five coins per hand, though you can bet one to five. If five coins are too much, consider dropping them.

Take It Slow

Like other casino games, video poker machines are designed to make the casino money. As a player, remember this. Playing more means losing more money.

When making decisions, "slow down." Taking your time to choose which cards to keep won't result in anyone chasing you or ringing the timer. You can take breaks whenever you like. Play wisely and gently, not quickly or loudly. It's disturbing that so many players ignore this commonsense rule and lose money fast. Maximize your playing time while minimizing losses by controlling your hand per hour.

Play The Progressive Jackpot Machines

Most casinos offer progressive jackpots so players can win big for small bets. Jacks or Better video poker has the best progressive jackpots if you use the right strategy. Progressive jackpots provide players a chance to win big money, which could be you.

Focus On The Bonuses

There are often special discounts and promotions on games other than Jacks or Better video poker. Focusing on good promos might help you beat video poker machines with free money to play different games.

Should You Hold A Low Pair In Video Poker?

Low pairs are almost always more advantageous than high cards. A more excellent card value, such as a Jack or better, improves your odds of winning hands, while a lower card value, such as a low card, improves your odds of winning money.

What Are The Odds Of Winning At Video Poker?

With a 97-99% chance of winning, video poker is a game with a very high probability. In the long run, the payback percentage can show players roughly what percentage of their wager they can expect to win back. Comparatively, slot machines pay out between 70% and 90% of the money, whereas video poker pays out between 97% and 99%. In other words, those who prefer playing slots over video poker have a higher house edge and, therefore, a more significant potential for financial loss.

What Are The Odds Of Getting A 4-Of-A-Kind In Video Poker?

A Four of a Kind will only happen once in every 3430 hands of a video poker game. However, the probability of getting a four-of-a-kind in the first draw is once in 4165 hands.

Why Does A Straight Flush Pay So Little In Video Poker?

Due to their rarity and lack of popularity, straight flushes have low payouts. It is nearly impossible to get any kind of straight flush (five cards in a row that are all the same suit) that isn't the 'AKQJT' royal flush.

About once every 9,000 hands, a player at Jacks or Better will receive a straight flush, which is worth 250 coins. The odds of getting a straight flush are 22 times higher than getting 4-of-a-kind, which pays 125 coins and appears once every 3430 hands. As a result, they are universally despised by the gaming community.

A gambling establishment is for-profit and not charitable. The fundamental objective of any casino is to maximize both player and house revenue by offering games that are both entertaining and lucrative. For this reason, a bigger payout for a straight flush is unnecessary.

Is There A Strategy For Video Poker?

Several strategies can be employed in a video poker round. Some video poker players rely solely on instinct when deciding which cards to keep and which to throw away, while others prefer to keep a score of their progress in relation to the "flow" of the game.

The game's manufacturer calculates video poker pay tables to maximize the casino's return on investment. Players must therefore accept a strategy based on the same mathematics if they want to maximize their enjoyment of the video poker game.

Below are two effective video poker-playing strategies that new or veteran players can adopt to maximize their video poker gaming experience.

Targeting The Royal Flush

This tactic may prove helpful in time-constrained situations, like tournament play or video poker. If you're a player who wants more royal flushes, this is your strategy. Players will likely give up on less impressive winning hands in favor of going for the royal flush, even though doing so will reduce their overall payout.

Winning Hands

One other tactic is to play for quantity rather than quality, intending to win as many hands as possible. With this tactic, if a player is dealt a high pair and has a decent chance of drawing a higher-paying hand (such as a royal flush), the high pair is kept and played later. While this strategy may increase the player's overall win rate, it will result in much smaller average winnings per hand.

How Do You Win Video Poker Deuces Wild?

Your payout in Deuces Wild is based on comparing your final five-card poker hand to the paytable.

What Is A 9-6 Pay Table?

A "full pay" table is often called a "9/6 pay table." If you play correctly, Jacks or Better 9/6 (full pay) will return 99.54 percent of your bet. Full houses pay 9, flushes pay 6, and straights pay 3. To maximize your earnings, it's best to play 9/6 rather than 8/6.

Can I Make A Living Playing Video Poker?

Yes. If you're a good enough player, you can make a living off of video poker. Making money at video poker is possible, but it's not easy. Study and application are mandatory. To keep winning, you must learn which games have the highest RTP (return to player).

Moreover, you'll need to research and study several tactics. Some people make a living playing video poker professionally. At the same time, their earnings are lower than they once were, and data show that they still outpace those with regular occupations by a small margin.

If you want to make a living playing video poker, you'll need time to get good. Professional success is long and arduous, so be sure you're prepared.

Which Casinos Have The Best Video Poker Odds?

Online casinos that provide full-pay video poker games are the greatest ones gamers should consider regarding odds. More than a dozen distinct variations of video poker exist, and that's just looking at the most common ones. The most well-known are the several "Jacks or Better," "Deuces Wild," "Double Bonus," "Tens or Better," and "Joker Wild" variants.

Suppose your goal is to make a good return on your monetary investment from video poker in Connecticut. You probably shouldn't start to play for real money if you only have a slight possibility of winning big. In the top Connecticut casinos, you can play Deuces Wild, the top video poker game.

Although video poker isn't the flashiest casino game in Connecticut, it has a certain appeal that has ensured its continued popularity. The opportunity to win money from it necessitates taking advantage of the higher odds offered by most Connecticut casinos.