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How to Choose a Sportsbook in Connecticut

In 2021, Connecticut formed a partnership with the two main gaming tribes to establish sports betting in the state. As of 2023, Connecticut is home to major land-based and online sportsbooks like Draftkings sportsbook, FanDuel sportsbook, and PlaySugarHouse sportsbooks.

Using these platforms, sports bettors from Connecticut can place bets on popular sports betting markets like basketball and obscure ones like lacrosse. Connecticut online sportsbooks feature betting options like moneylines, parley, and more.

When choosing an online sportsbook in Connecticut, it is important to select one with a good reputation and reliable customer service.

Steps to Choosing a Sportsbook in Connecticut

CT players can access both state-based and offshore sportsbooks. Each sportsbook features a unique set of features and incentives. If you're trying to decide on a sportsbook in Connecticut, the following tips might help.

State Your preferences

Before you dive into the next steps, you need to create a list of preferences. Do you prefer sportsbooks with numerous welcome and loyalty bonuses? Are you a fan of exotic bets like 12-team parlays? Perhaps, you prefer sites with many deposit and withdrawal options.

Do you see sports betting as a full-time income or hobby? In some cases, users may like betting sites with minimal interface and features. Answer these questions to find the best-suited sportsbook. Write down these preferences before moving on to the next section.

Decide If You Prefer Online or Offline Sportsbooks.

Online and offline sportsbooks provide different perks and disadvantages. For example, players may select offline sportsbooks due to the physical perks, such as free drinks and real-life sports events. Furthermore, they get to interact with other sports enthusiasts at sports betting locations.

On the other hand, online sportsbooks are a convenient option for players who prefer to gamble privately. It is easy to access online sportsbooks on any internet-enabled device.

So, decide on the preferred sports betting option before moving on to the next step.

Note: Consider these criteria if you prefer offline sportsbooks in Connecticut:

  • The proximity of the betting location to your primary residence.
  • The Safety level of the region where the sportsbook is located.
  • The presence or absence of perks, such as complimentary drinks or loyalty bonuses.

Make a List of Compulsory Features

Divide the list of preferences into two; compulsory and unimportant features. Highlight the points that are crucial to your gambling experience. For example, you may decide that live betting options are important in your selection process. Some players may prefer casinos with crypto deposit options. So, mark out the deal-breakers.

Create a List of All Available Online Sportsbooks in Connecticut

By this time, you have a solid idea of what you want in a sportsbook site. So, write down the list of all available sportsbooks in the state. As of 2022, Connecticut is home to three sportsbooks, namely;

Connecticut residents may also wager on offshore sportsbooks like BetOnline, BetUS, and Bovada. Moreover, it is risky placing bets on these platforms. Players who wager on these platforms are not protected by the Connecticut Department of Customer Protection.

Note: The Connecticut Department of Customer Protection, via the Gaming Division, regulates all gambling activities within the state.

Compare the Preference Against the List of CT Sportsbook

Start by researching each licensed sportsbook. Visit the platform’s official website to view the available features. You can also check verified review sites to get well-detailed information. Here’s a summary of what to expect with CT’s online sportsbooks;

Use Customer Reviews to Narrow Down Your Options

This step works for both online and offline sportsbooks. Online review sites and word-of-mouth recommendations are important factors when selecting the best sportsbooks. There’s a chance someone in your social circle has used or experienced the services of your preferred sportsbooks.

Take a step further by using the search phrase “[casino]+customer review” on Google or Bing. TripAdvisor and Google reviews are popular resources for getting customer reviews on online sportsbooks.

Test the Preferred Sportsbooks

For online bettors, your preferred sportsbook must provide a great interface and user experience. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time on these platforms, it’s better to know the ease of using these platforms.

So, test out these sites by trying out some of the features. It’s advisable to deposit the minimum amount and place bets. During this step, you must test the sportsbook based on these criteria:

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Ease of making deposits and withdrawals.
  • Timeliness of the odds
  • Ease of using the bonuses and loyalty programs.

Are you satisfied with the quality? No doubt, you should be crossing out some sportsbooks on your list.

Make a Final Decision

You should have one or two sportsbooks that closely align with your gambling needs and requirements. New players or newbies should not sign-up on more than one sportsbook platform. Although it’s great to compare odds on different sportsbooks, it is easy to get distracted when dealing with these complexities. Only veteran players can easily navigate two or more sportsbooks at once.

Register an Account with the Sportsbook

You will find the register button in the top right corner of most sportsbook homepages. Click and input your data into the subsequent pop-up page. Sportsbooks in Connecticut may require the following data:

  • Birth name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Last four digits of SSN;
  • In some cases, you may input your home address.

During this process, you may need to input a referral code or promo code into the allocated box. The promo code grants access to welcome bonuses and other incentives. For example, players must input the promo code “LINEUPS” to access PlaySugarHouse’s $250 welcome bonus.

How do I find the best Sportsbook in Connecticut?

There are different criteria to consider when selecting the best sportsbook in Connecticut. Most veteran players make a choice based on personal preferences. But, new players are often unsure of the right criteria for this process. Based on numerous reviews, here are some of the important criteria for choosing a sportsbook in Connecticut.

The Sports Covered

Your preferred sportsbook must cover all your preferred sports events. Most CT-based sportsbooks will cover the major leagues in sports like baseball, football, soccer, and golf. However, you may not find minor sports leagues like college football leagues in some of these casinos. Furthermore, not all betting sites feature international-based or European sports leagues. So, you can check the game list in the drop-down menu of most sportsbook sites.

A Variety of Betting Options

Now, take a step further and view the available bet options. Spreadlines, totals, and spreads are common betting options in most online sportsbooks. But, it may be difficult getting props bets and future bets on some sites.

DraftKings offers betting options like both popular bets like spreadlines and less-popular ones like futures bets and parlays. You may not find all betting options in a sportsbook. So, your best option is to find a sportsbook that offers the most of these options.

Mobile Betting Options

Does your preferred sports book have a mobile app? If present, check to see if the app has almost the same functionalities as the desktop version. You can download the mobile version via your Google playstore or Apple iStore. Some sportsbook sites also feature a download link on their homepage.

Live Betting Options

Live betting options enable players to wager during a sports event. Furthermore, it allows you to get a better feel for the match. However, live betting is not for everyone; only experienced punters or players can keep track and wager on the fast-changing odds.

User Reviews

Never ignore the customers' reviews of your preferred CT sportsbooks. This will help you to assess the risks before signing up on the platforms. You can search for reviews using this phrase [sportsbook name]+reviews on your search engine platform. Go through the reviews and avoid betting sites with overwhelming bad reviews. Better still, get a recommendation from someone within your social circle.

Note: keep in mind that disgruntled players will leave a bad review after losing out on games. In most cases, these reviews are due to gamblers’ remorse.

Fast Prompt Lines

Betting odds may reduce as the sports event gets closer. So, research if your preferred sportsbook promptly uploads betting lines or odds. You should receive the odds and information at least a week before the sports event. This will help you to take advantage of high odds.

Bonus, Loyalty Program, and Promotions

These are important criteria to consider when selecting a sportsbook in Connecticut. Bonuses and other incentives give you better leverage to stake high amounts on sports bets. Nevertheless, don't select a sportsbook based on these incentives alone.

Unlicensed or shady sites may lure unsuspecting users with outrageous bonuses and offers. Shady sites will often withhold your earnings or include various taxes during withdrawal. So, always check the terms and conditions attached to the offers. Bonuses with more than 10x wagering requirements are not suitable for new players.

Availability in Other Locations

Is the sportsbook also available in other states? This is an important criterion for frequent travelers. A multi-state sportsbook offers you the flexibility to place bets in other states where it is legal to use the platform. Sportsbooks like DraftKings, FanDuel, and PlaySugarHouse allow users to place bets in other states where the site is licensed to operate. However, you may not be able to access funds deposited outside the state.

Payment and Withdrawal Options

Always consider if the sportsbook features your preferred payment and withdrawal option. Also check the minimum and maximum deposit rate before registering an account on the site. Some sportsbooks also offer deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrencies. So, do your research and check user reviews for more information. Also, check the number of days it takes to withdraw funds.

Customer Support system

Connecticut sportsbooks may offer customer support via emails, phone calls, and live chat. So, check the available support options and the response time for complaints. You should also enquire if the site's customer support is available 24/7. Review sites are also another popular resource to get more information on the sportsbook’s customer support system.

How to Avoid a Bad Sportsbook in Connecticut?

Here are the common signs of a bad sportsbook in Connecticut:

  1. No license or seal of approval

Stay away from betting sites without a license from the Department of Consumer Protection. Unlicensed sites are not under obligation to follow the state's rulings on gambling. So, there's no guarantee of fair gameplay on these sites. As of 2022, only three sportsbooks have the license to operate in the state.

  1. Multiple Advert Pop-ups and Glitches

Gambling sites with ad pop-ups and glitches can diminish your gambling experience. In most cases, these sites do not have a license to operate within the state. So, try test-running betting sites before making a deposit. Furthermore, check online reviews and enquire within your social circle to avoid betting sites with these issues.

  1. Bad Website Design

Here's another way to identify bad sportsbooks. Most reputable sportsbooks will invest in an efficient UI/UX design. So, stay away from betting sites with a website interface that looks cluttered and riddled with ads.

  1. Too-large Withdrawal Fees

Most sportsbooks will charge a standard withdrawal fee of about 1 to 3 percent of your payout. However, a bad sportsbook may charge upwards of 5 percent of your payout as withdrawal fees.

Final Tips

It's so tempting to jump on sportsbooks offering exciting bonuses and offers. However, it's better to do your research before registering on these platforms. As you will later discover, these large bonuses come with hard-to-complete requirements. In addition, be cautious when using review sites since some reviews are paid endorsements. So, you may not get an accurate insight into the sportsbook.